Macon Violence Prevention Successes

Making Macon-Bibb Safer

Macon Violence Prevention (MVP) was launched in 2021 to strengthen the local community and reduce violent crime in Macon-Bibb County. Less than two years later, thanks to the involvement of community members and law enforcement, plus a robust network of community-led programs and initiatives, Macon-Bibb has seen significant progress: a 43% reduction in homicide rates and a 67% decrease in youth homicides under age 18 (from 15 in 2022 to 5 in 2023). The 43% reduction is more than three times the national average.

43% reduction in the homicide rate between 2022 and 2023

67% reduction in the youth homicide rate between 2022 and 2023

Our success also results from substantial community investments made by the Macon-Bibb County Government. These investments include millions allocated to fund community organizations that address the root causes of violent crime as well as “violence interrupters” – organizations whose work is centered in neighborhoods with high crime rates to stop the cycle of violence and retribution.

Also crucial to improving public safety was the investment of millions to provide greater access to mental health services, fully fund local law enforcement, and support the Blight Fight initiative, including stringent measures against businesses and apartment owners with negligent safety and security – making them centers of criminal activity. 

Macon-Bibb County Government Investments

Community Partnerships:

  • $2.5 million for community organizations working to address the root causes of violent crime
  • $1.8 million to support the work of “violence interrupters” (since 2022)

Mental Health:

  • Funding for local counseling services via community grants
  • $1.7 million for Macon Mental Health Matters, providing:
    • Free therapy in 8 zip codes where mental health services had been scarce 
    • Pop-up mental health events and resources
    • Small group meetings and support 
    • Training for mental health counselors

Public Safety:

  • Salary increases at all levels for Bibb sheriff’s office and Macon-Bibb County Fire Department
  • Implementation of a new pay scale for sheriff’s office and fire department
  • $1.9 million in incentive pay to reward and retain public safety workers
  • The addition of more than 200 deputies to increase patrols
  • New and improved technology

Blight Fight Initiative:

  • Over 635 blighted structures removed (to date)
  • Vice marts shuttered
  • Sued the owners of an apartment community for negligent safety and security